Life’s Journey Ceremonies

Out & proud gay business owner who conducts ceremonies across the life-cycle. I'm licensed to do weddings in British Columbia.

I’m a creative, passionate Writer who incorporates your personal journey, beliefs, personality, humour, respect and values rooted in a loving Universal tradition. I will get to know you and your desires for your personalized ceremony. You may have certain things you want included in your ceremony that would not usually be included by another Officiant or Minister, like special items, historical information, your personal journey, your love story, totems, children, family, friends, rituals. We can work on all that together. I start with nothing and we co-create something special!

I’m licensed to conduct weddings in British Columbia and other life and end-of-life ceremonies. I’ve been conducting weddings and funerals for over 25 years. The first 15 years as an ordained minister in a traditional, conservative church. Since coming out my journey has taken me to a more gentle & practical spirituality. Since then I have been re-ordained with an affirming community and have been professionally trained and certified as a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant™ by The Celebrant Foundation and Institute™ and am authorized to perform interfaith weddings throughout the province of BC. I was very vocal,  both in the media and the City I lived in when it was still an issue for same-sex marriage. Some believe it’s an outdated tradition. I believe we can create it so that it is your tradition, your celebration, about you! When done this way, why not get married?

Are you taking a cruise and want to do a ceremony on the ship before you leave port? Or perhaps while sailing? Or a destination wedding. We can work out all the details together.

Let me give you an complimentary initial consultation and see if we connect. I believe that connection is key to giving you the ceremony you really desire and deserve. Pricing is always negotiable!

Oh! I’m also a hopeless romantic too!