Two Cheeks On The Run

Leather Cufflets
The Leather Bracelet That Turns Into Handcuffs
Crafted by Two Cheeks On The Run
A fresh and exciting new product
from a newly formed company.
All hand-made and crafted from
the very best quality materials.
Now being offered for wholesale accounts.
Spice up your sex life! Wear your handcuffs as a bracelet all day long and then surrender to the Cufflets magic when you’re game in the park, change-room, elevator, parkade or wherever your imagination takes you.
Our Cufflets are elegant, sexy and fun! Cufflets can be worn casually at your work place or as an elegant accessory. Cufflets bring out your inner cheekiness because only you know what they really are. We use only the highest quality materials. The leather is usually about three times thicker than most leather.
Maybe you’re just in need of a little spanking on the go? Our sexy bracelets are also available as Spanklets, a mini-spanker that is also disguised as a bracelet. These spankers on the go will add the extra pizzazz to your party gone wild.
To use your Cufflet as Handcuffs simply take off your wrist, slip one hand between the leather bands and then the other and ask your partner to close the snaps for you. Voila! You are cuffed!
Available in various browns and black plus a variety of colors depending upon availability. Please inquire for color choices.
Se habla espanol. Wir sprechen Deutsch.