Tia Larkin Counselling

Counselling Services Specializing in Sexuality and Relationships

I have a passion for working with those who are experiencing, or interested in, sexual, gender, or relationship diversity. I have focused primarily on an individual’s exploration of the grey areas they find themselves in when it comes to these often unspoken, but absolutely necessary parts of life. I love working with folks who identify as LGBTQ; want to support a loved one who has come out as LGBTQ; are exploring sexual interests; desire unconventional relationship structures (e.g., polyamory, non-monogamy); identify as sex workers; or who want to learn more about sexual desire, gender expression, or trauma and sexuality.

You can expect me to bring my authentic self into the space so you feel safe to do the same. If you desire a safe space to discuss sexuality, relationships, kink, explore your identity or ideal relationship structure, we can set up a no pressure, 30 minute consultation. I’d be happy to meet you, or learn more about my practice at www.tialarkin.comĀ