dRAW heART:expressive arts therapy

Queer identified therapist offering a creative alternative through the arts

Expressive arts therapy is an imaginative alternative to explore life’s joys and challenges using visual art, movement, music, drama and writing.  Shape your world and engage the body and senses through the arts.  Be inspired by the emerging image and enhance your response-ability in the moment.  Discover what happens when you are in creative flow and approach things with a sense of curiosity.   A life affirming way to tap into your essence towards greater clarity and sense of purpose.

No art background necessary.

You can:

  • Experience creative flow
  • Connect to the here and now
  • Seek insight through the arts
  • Make meaningful contact
  • Expand resilience
  • Renew vitality

For over a decade, I have been fortunate to work within the queer community as a expressive arts therapist, providing brief therapy to LGBTQ youth, adults and couples at Casey House, Mount Sinai Hospital and the 519 Community Centre.

I also have experience serving diverse communities across the whole spectrum of life in other settings including a treatment centre for children and youth, a public school, a day program for elderly and a long term therapy group for adults.

Currently I hold a private practice in a unique healing arts studio that is conveniently located close to downtown Victoria.


dRAW heART: expressive arts therapy
Noriko Oka, MA, RCC
Expressive Arts Therapist & Registerered Clinical Counsellor

    Sing the Colour

   Dance the Poem

   Act the Dream