Sarah Irons, RCC

Queer and trans people deserve access to counsellors who understand and accept their identities, relationships, and challenges. My aim is to provide a welcoming and understanding space for you. This allows us get to work on the issues that really matter to you, whether they involve your sexuality or not.
I offer counselling and psychotherapy services in my beautiful office located on Fort Street in downtown Victoria. I work with individuals, couples and families of all kinds.
Every therapy relationship is different, but in general my style as a therapist is warm, open and nonjudgmental. My clients have told me that they feel safe with me, and understood. With all clients, a cornerstone of my approach is to recognize the strength and adaptiveness in people and how they have responded to their circumstances, rather than looking for what is broken. My approach is body-centered and holistic, and deeply informed by an understanding of trauma and attachment.
I have significant personal and professional experience with the LGBTQ community, in all its diversity. Before settling in Victoria, I worked and trained at the Pacific Center for Human Growth, an LGBTQ counselling agency in Berkeley, California. I continue to educate myself about the diverse needs of the queer/trans community – and I also recognize and affirm that there is no single experience or identity that defines this community. I always want to learn about, and help you understand, what your sexual orientation and/or gender identity means to YOU.
Being a therapist is sacred work to me. It is an honour and a privilege to earn the trust of my clients and to help them experience change in their lives, sometimes in big ways and sometimes in small.
I recognize that choosing a therapist is a big decision, and that there are many styles of therapy available to you. Research has demonstrated that what matters most is the sense of a “good fit” between client and counsellor. To help you get a feel for my style, I offer new clients a free 30-minute consultation. Please give me a call, or send me an email — I look forward to hearing from you.
Sarah Irons – (250) 999-9349