Outside the Box Counselling – Niall JM Barnard, RSW, RCC

Queer and trans therapist specializing in gender, sexual and relational diversity.

I am passionate about providing accessible and affirming counselling services to the LGBTQ+, poly and kink communities of Victoria. I have built my private practice around the needs of…

  • Youth and adults looking for support around identity exploration and self-acceptance;
  • Non-LGBTQ+ parents and families adjusting to their queer, trans and non-binary youth coming out;
  • LGBTQ+ parents and families navigating discrimination, fertility/adoption, family conflict, etc.
  • Queer, trans, poly and/or kinky couples in growth, transition or distress;
  • LGBTQ+ folks with psychiatric diagnoses;
  • Anyone else who lives outside the box in areas of gender, sexuality, or relationship and wants a counsellor whom they don’t have to educate.

I am a creative arts therapist, which means that, in addition to talk therapy, I am also able to use art, movement or role play as tools to express, explore and rehearse new ways of being. I work from an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed perspective that takes into account the impact of minority stress on mental health and the ways in which the mental health care system can itself be traumatic to navigate.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to new clients so that you can meet me and we can decide if it’s a good fit. I also have a sliding scale that moves in both directions, with those who can afford to pay more helping to create more spaces for those who need a subsidized fee.

You can visit my website for more information and to request an intake.