OtherWise Holistic Arts – Acupuncturist

#211 – 888 Fort Street
Victoria, BC V8W 1H8
Contact: Jaay (Jade) Kulhawy-Bartlett, Registered Acupuncturist

I am a white, trans woman settler who came to holistic medicine after 8 years of work in activist communities. There I honed my collectivist values and observed a shared need to address our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies alongside liberation work for the social body.

I studied Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) at Pacific Rim College starting in September 2017, completing a Diploma of Acupuncture in December 2020. Licensed in the so-called province of British Columbia since December 2021, I am interested in the ways that Daoist philosophy underpinning Chinese medicine makes space for identities, bodies, and hearts unrecognizable to Western culture.

As a practitioner I am especially curious how I can intervene in the world of often-inaccessible and expensive transgender medical care, a community that has overall lower earnings and less access to stable employment. I have focused my education on interrogating the unique ways Chinese medical modalities can be used to supplement many of the medical interventions trans people receive for gender-affirming care. I will continue to pursue this knowledge, as well as collaborating on tapping into the unique wisdom to which each of you have innate access.

Type: Wholly GLBT-owned business
Primary Clientele: Everybody
Hours: Sunday 10a-6p, Monday 4-6p – Please book online or email, no walk-ins
Rates: $72 – 110 per visit
Accepted: Credit, e-transfer, cash (exact change only), extended health benefits
Physical Accessibility: The space is on the second floor of an office building at the corner of Fort and Quadra. The entrance is on Fort, street number 888.
The front doors are powered but the automatic door opener on the outside does not currently work (10 Jan 2022). I will inquire with the landlord and update here when I have more information about the functionality of the access button. There is a small ramped incline up to the doors from the sidewalk, and no steps. The automatic door opener to exit the lobby is functional. In the lobby there is an elevator to take to the second floor.
There is a long hallway from the elevator to the waiting area (~50 feet). The washrooms are on the left of the hallway when you’re entering the space, about half way between the elevator and the waiting area. There are two washrooms, one with 2 stalls, and one with a stall and a urinal. Both washrooms have one accessible stall. Signs on the washrooms are gender-neutral and contain a visual description of the fixtures available in each room The washrooms also have a lock if you should prefer to use the washroom privately.
The doors to the washrooms are 33” wide, the doors to the accessible stalls are 34” wide, and the sinks are 32.5” from the floor. The light switches are 55” from the floor, to the left of the door when you enter.Outside the washrooms, the narrowest dimension is 38” between a wall and a half-wall when entering the waiting area.
The door to the treatment room is 33.5” and there is space in the room for all but the bulkiest of mobility aids. If we cannot fit it in the room, it will be safe in the waiting area outside the treatment room door – the waiting area is used only by other queer practitioners and their clients, and not frequented by the general public. The room is also outfitted with an electric table which raises and lowers.
Please let me know if you would like me to supply any specific measurements or aspects of the space I may have missed.