Margaret Stephens

The decision to engage in a counseling/psychotherapeutic relationship can be complex. Perhaps there is curiosity about living more deeply or mindfully, or maybe there is a quality or duration of suffering that feels too tangled to resolve without support. Or there might be thought or behaviour patterns resulting in distress for yourself or others. With counseling or psychotherapy, emotional pain can be transformed or resolved, resulting in greater happiness and healing.
My work is with women and the way in which we carry our experiences of stress, anxiety, dissociation, anger, depression, trauma, and grief. In practice since 1979, I have worked with a wide range of issues, ages, orientations, and challenges, some of which are unique to women’s lives.
I am trained and experienced in responding to the full spectrum of dissociation (including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), First Nations cultures, Two-Spirited and GLBT issues, and other cultural backgrounds. Additionally, I work with those interested in gender transitioning (both F – M and M – F) and do hormone readiness assessments.
As we work together, our goal is the creation of a respectful and safe enough environment so you are able to work towards your goal. Frequency of appointments is optional, depending on your circumstances and/or preference.
Both short-term counseling or long-term depth psychotherapy, according to your preference, are options to consider. We will discuss your goals and interests in order to shape the work we do together. As well as the familiar ‘talk’ therapy, we can include a body-focused approach (, parts work, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and mindfulness. Dream work and spiritual issues can be included too, if you like.