Best Bitts Productions Presents:

International Boylesque Sensation: Jett Adore “The No-Pantser Romancer”
Jett is a performer in huge demand with awards and accolades galore. He has performed all over the world and most notably had the great pleasure of performing with Liza Minnelli and Alan Cumming. The man is sex on a stage. 2012

King of Boylesque: Russell Bruner
The reigning King of Boylesque, Russell is a circus performer, dancer, and one of the best Boylesquers I have ever seen, this man can do it all! Be ready to bow before his incredible talent. Hail to the King, Baby!
Magic Man and 2012 Victoria Pick of the Fringe Winner: Travis Bernhardt
Travis is a Magician, Street Entertainer, Neo-Vaudeville Variety Act and MC. Rosie fell in love when she met him on the road in Winnipeg. He proceeded to make her cry by telling her magic isn’t real, then astounded her as she watched his “unreal” magic show!

Renaissance Man: Dave Morris
Dave is a storyteller, poet, improviser and musician. A well loved part of the Victoria Arts scene, his improvised show “Photo Booth” won 2011 Victoria Pick of the Fringe. Dave was also in Rosie Bitts’ one woman show “The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts” (figure that one out).

Poet Extraordinaire: Jeremy Loveday
Jeremy is a performance poet, creative facilitator, event planer and political junky. He is also widely known for making women swoon and for causing Rosie’s heart to skip a beat every time he opens his mouth.

Vancouver Island’s Men of Sex: Boxers are Brief
These sexy gentlemen did their very first show at Best Bitts’ theatre festival “ The Sexy Factory”. They wowed the crowd and sold out every show on their way to becoming a personal favourite of Miss Rosie’s. Since then, they have taken Victoria and Vancouver by storm.

Music Man: Jeff “Saucy Fingers” Poynter
Jeff is a multi-instrumentalist, educator and artist manager. From the moment Rosie laid eyes on this quiet, sweet saxophone player, she knew he was a keeper, and he has been her closest musical companion since. Jeff is the musical director of Rosie’s upcoming Solo-ish show “Stories of Love and Passion with Rosie Bitts”, in which he plays a major role (he plays ALL the instruments).

Man Lover: Rosie Bitts
Rosie Started loving men at a young age and has never managed to quit them, no matter how hard they have tried to convince her she should. She is happy to have created this show as a tribute to her love of the harrier sex.
With Extra Sexy Stage Kittening by the Queen of the Bongo Breasts herself: Vava VunderBust!