James Brown, Real Estate Professional

Looking for a Realtor in the Greater Victoria Area?

Tired of ‘his and her’ sinks and closets? Had enough of being called ‘friends’ while walking through open houses with your partner? Sick of being misgendered while trying to find a realtor you trust?

Real estate matters can be complicated enough without these added stresses. You deserve a realtor who will bring comfort, confidence and clarity to the entire process – not just signing the papers.

My passion for real estate is long-standing with extensive personal experience of buying and selling homes in the three major markets in Western Canada: Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. When my partner Tim and I moved to Vancouver Island, I turned that passion into a new and exciting career.

My professional experience includes more than twenty years of employment as a teacher, principal and manager in educational settings from kindergarten to post-secondary. I worked for the Calgary Board of Education for more than 16 years, and then moved to B.C. where I worked as an educational program manager at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. These experiences have provided me with exceptional skills in creating opportunities for successful outcomes in a wide variety of circumstances.

Over the years, we have had the great fortune to work with outstanding Realtors who understood us – our relationship and our wants, needs and dreams. Greg Long is one of those Realtors. I am very excited to be Greg’s business partner as we work together to help our clients as they buy and sell homes in Greater Victoria and its surrounding communities.

Having moved many times over the years, I understand and appreciate the ups and downs of finding that “perfect home”. Sometimes, something that we think is essential slips away or changes as we start exploring possibilities. Aligning our needs and wants with our dreams can be a daunting task. However, there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get when you open the door and just know “this is the one”.

James Brown


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