James Brown, Real Estate Professional

Looking for a Realtor in the Greater Victoria Area?

Tired of ‘his and her’ sinks and closets? Had enough of being called ‘friends’ while walking through open houses with your partner? Sick of being misgendered while trying to find a realtor you trust?

Real estate matters can be complicated enough without these added stresses. You deserve a realtor who will bring comfort, confidence and clarity to the entire process – not just signing the papers.

My partner and I have bought and sold homes in three cities. We too have experienced being called ‘friends’ at open houses. We have also had the great fortune to work with outstanding realtors who understood us – our relationship and our wants, needs and dreams.

As a Realtor in the Greater Victoria Area, I can offer this same opportunity to you. We can focus on what matters – genuine respect and care at all stages of the real estate process. Let’s find your home together!

James Brown
Real Estate Professional
Pemberton Holmes
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