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Words, written and spoken, are the lifeblood of human communication. It’s been said that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’. If so, your words must be at least as sharp as the sword. Professional editing will hone your quill – quicken your keyboard – and transfix your reader – and your professor!!
Edit for Success understands that the most brilliant thoughts, the most mundane letters, the most awkward emails, the most complex theses and the most significant cover letters can only be effective if the reader is impressed to the extent that the writer intended.
The best resumes, marketing brochures, product descriptions, website contents etc., all fail to perform properly if the reader’s interest expires before the end of the page.
The best biographies, novels and stories all remain unpublished when the words are less vivid than the writer’s imagination.
The most legitimate complaint, correction of injustice, written warning etc. will never succeed if not properly constructed and taken seriously by the recipient.
All of these problems, and many more, can be solved with the services of a professional editor.
Edit for Success will listen to your plan, understand your objectives and work to transform your thoughts and words into an effective and professional document.
Remember, every newspaper article, magazine column, official document, product description, etc. has been viewed and amended by a professional editor, with the objective of conveying as clearly and accurately as possible, meaning and intention.
Why risk a lesser standard of communication? Why risk not making the interview cut? Why risk losing out to the competition when the services of a professional editor could easily and economically have corrected errors of substance and style.
Next time you must ‘write to impress’, use the polish of a professional editor before hitting the ‘send’ key.
Phone: 250-483-0043