A Balanced Tantric Touch Experience for Every Body

Tantric Touch Bodywork. Pink Pages Special Consideration. Slow and Relaxed Experiences. Shower. Easy & Safe parking.

Contact: 250-984-7051
Spring Feet

Tantric Touch Bodywork. Full Body, Balancing, Tantric Touch Experience. Slow and Relaxed. Shower. Easy & safe parking.

Ask for ‘Pink Pages In Touch’ Special Consideration when calling.

In a quiet, warm room, your massage is enhanced with a full body, hot towel table bath, warm oil, shower and complete relaxation.

Bathroom and all facilities are available for your use. Sessions are untimed – stay as long as your day allows. Your visit is always slow and relaxing. Simply an exchange and flow of positive energy.

This is a space to safely explore imagination.  All orientations, ages and genders are welcome.

Location and parking is easy and discreet.

Primary Clientele: Everybody. Explorers & LGBTQI visitors always welcome.
Hours open: 8.00 a.m – 8.00 p.m.
Pink Pages Consideration – Just ask
Facilities: Easy Parking, Accessible & Private, Shower & Lavatory, Sauna, Handicapped Access.