Career & life coaching

Sarah J. Wright, PMP, MCPM

Through sessions by phone or in person, I introduce people to their essence – the true greatness of themselves. From that place, possibilities born from genuine attraction and interest emerge, replacing fear-based decision making. The areas of possibility become organized projects with your coach as your powerful, reflective advocate. Clear, intentional and lasting shifts are created as you transcend your survival mechanism toward a better way of living. A way of living you design.

Please message for a complimentary introductory session.
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Studio Amphion

3200 Service Street Victoria , BC V8P 4M7 Contact:250-298-0738 or 250-896-9195 Fax: 250-658-1521

Studio Amphion is unique in its combination of vocal training and performance support. As a Life Coach, …
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Ellen Meredith

980 Seapearl Place Victoria, BC V8Y 2X3 Contact: 250-658-1549 Fax: 250-658-1521

Ellen Meredith offers channeled psychic readings, life-path counsel, and healings. Over 21 years international experience as intuitive counsellor, medical …
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