Naturopathic physicians

Sergey Kalitenko – Holistic MD

Sergey Kalitenko, M.D. provides internal medicine in Brooklyn, NY. Sergey Kalitenko, M.D. is listed as an internist, which is a physician who studies Internal Medicine for adults. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a keystone of his practice.
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Dr. Anke Zimmermann, Naturopathic Physician, Classical Homeopath

Anke Zimmermann specializes in naturopathic pediatrics. She treats all childhood conditions and has a special interest in developmental and behavioural conditions, including autism, ADD/ADHD, PDD-NOS, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities and others. She is a certified CEASE Therapist. She will also treat parents of children under her care.
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Dr. Marianne Trevorrow, Westshore Wellness

385 Lagoon Road Colwood, BC V9C 1T5 Contact: Dr. Marianne Trevorrow, Naturopathic Physician, at Westshore Wellness: 250-478-4734 Fax: (250) 478-2365

Dr. Marianne practices primary care medicine at Westshore Wellness in …
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Dr. Jolyn Starling, Naturopathic Physician (Valentus Health Clinics)

1726 Richmond Avenue Victoria, BC V8R 4P8 Contact: 250-598-3314 Fax: (250) 590-5090

Dr. Jolyn Starling practices holistically to help her patients achieve physical, mental and emotional balance. She uses nutrition, …
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Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic Inc.

3954 Wilkinson Road Victoria, BC V8Z 5A2 Contact: (250) 881-1806 Fax: 250-881-1846

Dr. Natasha Montroy, ND works primarily with women’s health concerns, menstrual and breast disorders, hormonal imbalance, anti-aging therapies, …
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Dr. Pamela Hutchison

101-391 Tyee Road Victoria, BC V9A 0A9 Contact: (250) 475-1522

Individualized naturopathic care. Homeopathy, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, and lifestyle counselling. Special interest in mental and emotional …
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ACACIA Integrated Health

101-391 Tyee Road Victoria, BC V9A 0A9 Contact: (250) 475-1522 Fax: (250) 388-6889

Dr. Amy Gilchrist is a primary care naturopathic physician in general family practice with special interest in …
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Dr. Kellie Ferguson, ND

Koru Natural Health Centre #103-3581 Shelbourne Street Victoria, BC V8P 4G8 Contact: Kellie Ferguson, Naturopathic Physician – (250) 598-3718

Family Medicine Naturopathic Clinic with special interest in Women’s and Children’s …
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Dr. Maria Payne Boorman, BSc, ND

1726 Richmond Avenue Victoria, BC V8R 4P8 Contact: Dr. Maria Payne Boorman, ND – 250-598-3314 Fax: 250-598-3317

I have been practicing in my hometown of Victoria since 1999. In 2000 …
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