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Soul Silhouette Healing

Through counselling, a person will discover new aspects of themselves, empowered to live life in a way that leaves them feeling fulfilled, content, and connected. Counselling is a journey into the self and back again…
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Dr Sharolyn Sloat, Psychologist Victoria BC

Victoria BC Psychologist Dr Sharolyn Sloat accepts clients for individual, relationship, and group counselling. She has been serving Victorians for over 15 years.
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Will Bratt Counselling

I’m a counsellor and trauma therapist serving the community of Victoria. My passion is providing a safe, inclusive space for you to address the things that matter and create meaningful change.
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Stacy Adam Jensen

Registered Clinical Counsellor, offering counselling for adults, youth and couples. Located in James Bay, Victoria, BC and also out of Acacia Health in Vic West, Victoria, BC. Specializes in Trauma/Complex Trauma/PTSD, Depression, Anxiety/Panic, Addictions, Stress, Relationship and Attachment Issues, Life Transitions, Sleep Disorders and Motor Vehicle Accidents. Workshops, training programs, and consultation for professionals and agencies working in the field are also offered.
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Solution Innovators

It is an honour for me to help people like you who know they need help to improve their lives. That’s often the first step to a better life.
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Mark Watts Counselling Services

We can all go through times when life gets us down and we can’t see a way out of our problems. We can feel disconnected, depressed, isolated for so many reasons when life throws something unexpected in our path. Sometimes it feels impossible to impose our problems on our friends and family, and it is at these times that we need support from someone impartial. I offer safe and confidential counselling in Victoria BC.
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Valentus Clinics Inc.

Valentus Clinics helps people reduce or eliminate symptoms for people suffering from concussion, brain injury, depression, anxiety, sleep, ADD/ADHD, pain and more. In Victoria, Medical Director: Dr. Barb Dyble, MD; Dr. Susan Simpson, Psychologist & Director of the Valentus Brainwave Optimization Program; Dr. Jen Dyck, Naturopathic Physician & Director of the Valentus Pain Program. In Calgary, Dr. Chris Hammer, Psychologist and in Vancouver, Seryna Myers, Certified Brainwave Optimization Technician.
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I have been counselling individuals in the Queer Community for over 20 years.
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