Better Lighting Erotica

Personalized Stories to Fulfil your Deepest Desires.

We all lead lives filled with stress and responsibility, spending too much time aching for a release from the monotony of the day-to-day. What better way to escape than with a personalised fantasy, written exclusively for you?

At Better Lighting Erotica we bring your dreams to life. We will craft a high quality, dynamic story, unique to your interests. These are not pre-written templates where your name and characteristics are dropped into a sub-par narration. A tale from Better Lighting Erotica is a vision woven from your greatest fantasies. Each story is distinct and written to your specifications to ensure its perfection so you can sit back and lose yourself in pleasure.

Stories make great gifts, too. Immortalise a memorable occasion, or treat someone special to a fantasy they’ll never regret.