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Leslie Ahenda is a black, queer student at the University of Victoria, studying Writing and History. She specializes in poetry, and her recent work has appeared in N?D Magazine Issue 21. Her work is grounded in historical themes of race, politics and decolonization, often centered around 20th century North American and African history. She is inspired by human rights movements, classical music, and frigid autumn mornings.
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Review: Company C’s “Cabaret”
3 years ago

Review: Company C’s “Cabaret”

Company C, the third-year student group at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, presents Cabaret, a sensuous tale of art and love in Germany’s interwar period.

Cabaret is the story …
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Review: Arleen Paré’s “The Girls with Stone Faces”

It is a challenging feat to find the words to describe poetry as inspired as Arleen Paré’s. Her work defies description; it wants to be read, not explained. Paré holds the English language in her hand and wraps it around her reader with a profound kindness. Reading her work feels like coming home.
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