Andy Stephenson REALTOR®

Andy is an accomplished and successful Realtor® with a 20 year track record in residential, rural, commercial and industrial real estate services. Andy is true to his word and your interests and privacy are his priorities. The skills needed to close deals in all prices ranges are Andy’s forte and so succeeds through his attention to detail and expertise in both good and soft markets. His success has also been built on the valuable network of national and international contacts he maintains. He thoroughly enjoys connecting people to the community and is particularly spirited about arts and entertainment. Because of Andy’s strong presence in the community, he has been a go to for the media for his candid quotes and access to his alluring listings. Whether you are a full or part time resident you can count on Andy to guide you.
As a licensed agent in both Victoria and Calgary, Andy uses this liaison as a unique advantage to connect his clients in a seamless transition from city to city. He exercises good listening skills, uses diplomacy in all situations, and is sensitive to the specific circumstances of each client. It is because of Andy’s creative personality that he is able to put together complex deals, by working with multiple stakeholders to achieve a successful completion. His professional demeanor and good rapport with agents, legal counsel, accountants, contractors and other participants creates an environment for a smooth and successful sale.
As a descendent of the Stephensons Estate & Auction operating in York since 1871, and his father being one of Canada’s eldest working agents at 84 years young, Andy has been provided with a stewardship and mentorship to which he will always be grateful. This has created a solid base for Andy to deliver consistent results in a fast paced environment. His earlier years as a Jr. talent agent with the Ruth Webb Agency in Los Angeles has allowed Andy to come full circle with the geographical knowledge and connections he now has with the Sotheby’s International Realty offices in L.A. and Palm Springs.
Andy brings a long standing and diverse skill set to the world of real estate. Andy’s vibrant interest in community and its culture along with his expertise in marketing and real estate has allowed him to help his clientele not only buy and sell houses, but connect them with a home and lifestyle that allows them to flourish in their community.