Altapp Design

Identity & Branding

Have a sweet new business idea, but no idea how to give it a face? Or maybe you have some pretty exact thoughts on how you want it to look, but need help getting those awesome ideas down in a cohesive way? Either way, you’re at the right place. Our years of experience creating brands and identities for diverse organizations have made it pretty much second nature to us.

Mobile App Development & Design

So you have an amazing idea for the next big App? Rad! We want to help you make it happen! Not only do we make Apps that do their job well and do it simply, we’re also obsessed with making sure they’re super show-off-able and fun to use.

Web Development & Design

We won’t bore you with fancy terms like e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), or progressive enhancement (not to brag, but we’re experts at all of them). Bottom line is, whether your organization is new or pre-dates the Internet, we can work with you to make its web presence reach farther and be more helpful to your clients, all while looking really slick.

We’ve worked with clients like MTV, NASA, and loads of local small businesses and organizations as well.

Let us work with you! Check out our website. ♥