Amy Jaworsky, Lawyer at Island Law Office

Gay friendly lawyer to help with estate planning, and buying & selling your home

Hi, my name is Amy Jaworsky.  I am a down to earth, friendly lawyer at Island Law Office. I can help you with buying and selling your home, making your Will, preparing a Power of Attorney or health care agreement as well as helping you with the probate process after someone you care about has passed away. I also can help you with some kinds of family law matters if you and your partner are generally in agreement about how you want to move forward – for instance cohabitation agreements, property agreements as well as uncontested divorces.  If you need help with something that is not listed here, call or email me and I will let you know if I can help or if I can’t, I can also refer you to someone who can.

I strive to be an empathetic listener and I will definitely treat you with respect and take the time to explain the steps along the way to resolving your matter as quickly and inexpensively as possible.