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Event Update: November 7th -November 11th

Tuesday, November 7th

  • The CRUSH Collective is having their bi-monthly meeting at the Victoria Events Centre tonight at 7:30 to help share the workload, develop safe practices, and foster accountability and accessibility in their volunteer group. They’re looking for volunteers to help out with their events (like CRUSH 10 later this week), so this is a great opportunity to get involved.

Wednesday, November 8

On a white background, the letter's AVP are written in black. Extending off to the left of the letter 'A' is a large black spiral. Underneath, in a purple box with white text, it reads Anti-Violence Project.
The logo for the Anti-Violence Project. Taken from the Anti-Violence Project’s website.
  • The Anti-Violence Project at the University of Victoria has been working to mitigate the effects of sexualized and gender-based violence in our community by offering workshops, counselling, and other supports. Now it’s our turn to help them out – if you’re a student at the university, vote “yes” in the fall referendum to get the AVP the funds they need to continue their work. Voting can be done online OR in-person at polling stations around campus.

Friday, November 10

  • Paparazzi Nightclub has another night of drag for you, hosted alongside the House of Gabor. Look forward to seeing Carlotta Gurl, a queen from Vancouver, with special guests Henriette Dubet and Audrina Lynn Rush in Diva League. This event is 18+.

Saturday November, 11

  • We Belong Outside is a queer hiking and outdoor adventure group, and they’re working with Crag X Climbing Gym to host an LGBTQ+ Climbing Night. Open to any climbers 16+ and all skill levels, this meetup has just sold out of beginner courses. However, they will be meeting again on January 6th, 2017 – follow their Facebook for updates, or keep checking back here for upcoming events.

    A woman dressed in bright blue mountaineering gear takes a selfie in front of five other climbers - all men - on top of a mountain.
    Jes Scott, the organizer of We Belong Outside, on a mountain. Photo by Jes Scott and taken from the We Belong Outside website.
  • If you’re in the mood for dancing, CRUSH Collective is hosting their tenth queer dance party at the Victoria Event Centre. Admission is by donation, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds – and all proceeds will be going to the Victoria chapter of the Outlaws Queer Law Collective.

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