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Many Bothans is a fantastic microblog. A tumblr to be exact. All kinds of excellent things there, like “x-wings and french fries and queers and memes.” As a super-powered curator she reblogs fantastic stuff, and she also she writes now and then. This was originally written a couple of years ago and then reblogged again more recently. It’s really awesome:

I had a really great pride this year, but I was also troubled by comments I heard over the last week from a lot of people in both the mainstream and radical queer communities. I want to say a few things about cissexism, specifically towards trans women and other MTF spectrum folks.

1) Gay sex does not require genital symmetry…

2) Gay sex does not mean non-potentially-reproductive sex (see point #1)…

3) Don’t call different types of genitals disgusting…

Basically, we all need to have a little sit down and think about the different body/gender combinations that exist in our community and how the things we say and do affect the people around us!

I’ve edited out elaborations of the three points, but it’s worth reading the whole post.

Also, DJ to the Queers.

Also, never forget:

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