The past year…

The Pink Pages FloatIt’s been over a year since we launched, so we wanted to share with you how it’s going.

We launched at last year’s Pride, and since then we’ve had just over 5,500 unique visitors.  Last month we had 550 unique visitors, which is a fairly typical month. Over the past year, the average visit is about 2:20 minutes.

We have free listings, but purchasing a paid listing will give you more freedom over how your listing looks as well as getting you listed on the front page, which dramatically increases you hit counts by about five fold.  For example, Oak and Fern Healing has had 671 views the past year (our only paid listing for counselors), while other counselors have had on average 125.

We promote the site mainly through events at Pride, as well as handing out postcards and bookmarks in local businesses year round. Last year we launched with a float in the parade. We co-sponsored a table at Pride this year and handed out printed materials and buttons. We also post to our Facebook account as well as two twitter accounts @YYJPinkPagesand @YYJQueer.

If you have any questions or want help with your listing, let us know!

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