Queerposium 2013 poster: Gender Ryders

Ten cool events on Saturday!

There are ten cool things are happening on Saturday, May 18th. Well, maybe more than ten. But I’ll mention two special things:

1. There is a call out to Queer/Trans* Indigenous People/People of Colour, [QTIPOC], for a steering committee to create a [QTIPOC] conference. Check out the details.

2. In celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia, Queerposium has planned a day of adventure, exploration and transformation. Check out their line up of events.

I want to extend a big kudos to Queerposium for having Jeremy Jones and others to come speak on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program and what being an ally might mean. Also, great poster!

Queerposium 2013 poster: Gender Ryders

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