New Pink Pages website launched to foster LGBTQ community in Victoria

Just in time for Victoria Pride week, a trio has launched a website to help LGBTQ communities connect with community organizations and businesses that are openly safe and welcoming.

“Connecting with LGBTQ-friendly organizations can be especially important for personal services like counsellors, body workers, as well as recreation and tourism. Really any place where you might feel vulnerable,” says Becky Cory, co-founder of the Victoria Pink Pages.

The goal of the website is to make it easier for LGBTQ folks to find products and services that meet their needs and interests as well as support businesses and community organization that are owned or run by LGBTQ folks.

“The Victoria Pink Pages is for everyone who wants to use it. If you feel like this site is for you, then it is! We think it’s important to recognize the diversity of LGBTQ communities in Victoria, and we hope that the Victoria Pink Pages is a venue that supports this diversity,” says Sherwin Arnott.

The creators of the Victoria Pink Pages intend the website to be for folks who describe themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, transsexual, two spirit, asexual, intersex, genderqueer, questioning, pansexual, kinky, polyamorous or anything else in this spirit. This site is also for children, parents, partners, ex-partners & friends of these folks, no matter their own gender identities or sexual orientation.

This new version of Pink Pages is replacing a version of the site that went offline in December 2011.  “As frequent users of the original Pink Pages, we were upset to hear the site was going offline. We respect and admire the work that the folks at the former site did to keep the Pink Pages available for so many years. And as web designers and community members, we are interested in trying to continue the great work of the original Pink Pages.” Says Jes Scott, co-founder of the Victoria Pink Pages.

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